Terms & Conditions For Rise Up Open Dance Competition

“Step N Up Dance Studio (SNU)” takes pride in presenting “Rise Up - Open Dance Competition”.

Please read all the rules carefully, as failure to comply could result in disqualification. Once your entry is received it is understood that you have read these terms & conditions to the event.

The results are based on Judging panel score and is final. No teacher, parent, or student will question our judges or SNU management concerning the result of any part of the competition.

Multiple Entries from one college is allowed in any of the categories (Group, Duet and Solo).

For Solo - Rs. 300/-
For Duet - Rs. 500/-
For Group - Rs. 800/-.

For Solo - Rs. 500/-
For Duet - Rs. 800/-
For Group - Rs. 1200/-.

1. Submit your application form; filled up correctly before the due date.

2. All entries must be registered and hand over the form to the person in-charge of the respective colleges or submit directly to the address mentioned below :- UG-9, Step N Up Dance Studio, near Agrasen Bhavan, Citylight, Surat. 395007.

3. Limited entries will be taken in finals.

4. Participant should provide music track on CD/MP3/Pen Drive at least 2 weeks prior to the competition date. CD/MP3/Pen Drive handed to the SNU management must be in working condition. SNU management will take no responsibility for any of the CD/MP3/Pen Drive that do not play or it a CD skips. Performers will only be permitted to submit 1 additional backup CD as a Second Chance.

5. Participant's must be ready to perform at started time in the official program. 5 points will be deducted if contestant(s) do not perform in the scheduled sequence, you must be ready to perform at least 3 acts (dances) before yours, unless permission is granted by the stage manager.

6. All performers must be present at the awards presentation to receive their awards/certificates. No awards/certificates will be given at other times and/or to their friends or relatives.

7. If video cameras, photo cameras or any recording device are found in the competition venue, SNU event security reserves the right to confiscate the equipment. Teachers please inform parents and students about this rule, as it may result in disqualification. You may take photos of the awards presentation only.

8. SNU also reserves the right to refuse any entry. Closing dates are only a guide.

9. All dance routines must be appropriate for family viewing. If a Judge or the Directors of Rise Up event feel that a routine or costume is too suggestive or inappropriate for our audience, the routine may be stopped.

10. SNU team & the venue management are not responsible for any property loss or injury to any persons attending the event & lost property will be left at the venue for your collection.

For Solo - 1 Minute (MAX)
For Duet - 1.30 Minutes (MAX)
For Group - 3 Minutes (MAX)

For Solo - 1.30 Minute (MAX)
For Duet - 2 Minutes (MAX)
For Group - 3.30 Minutes (MAX)

11. Overtime of performance will lead to deduction of scores.

12. Dance Choreographers will not be allowed back stage.

13. Any kind of misbehavior during competition from any person or group will not be entertained if found the respective college dance will be disqualified.

14. Outside Eatables / tobacco / smoking / alcohol consumption during competition is not allowed.

No correspondence will be entered into for any act that has lead to points deduction for overtime or for any other reason.


Participants and colleges hereby release all SNU directors, managers or representatives from any claims for damages or injuries sustained while participating in any activity related to this competition. By registering for the competition you and the group members understand all the above stated rules including time limits and schedules etc. Please check this page regularly for up-to-date terms and conditions of this competition.